Official Statement of Response

This statement is in direct response to the false information that has been circulating on the Internet. It is not an invitation for discussion and we ask that you respect the legal process and let things run their course rather than jumping to conclusions based on false allegations and rumors.

Recently the Attorney Generalís office published a copy of a pending lawsuit against the former operators of the Randall Drive-in in an attempted smear campaign to sway public opinion. While the lawsuit makes many allegations, time will prove that there is no truth, fact or evidence to support their claims.

Furthermore, the Attorney Generalís office has already been provided repeatedly with the facts and supporting evidence which exonerates the former operators of any wrongdoing, yet their office has not been open to considering the facts. Instead, they have relied on the financial resources of the State of VT to go after small business owners simply banking on the fact that owners could not financially defend themselves against the State of VT while clearing their good name.

The only reason the Randall Drive-in is not operating as a digital drive-in today with long, successful seasons is due to a choice made by the owner of the land. All of the statements made in our Kickstarter Campaign were factual and in fact has been mirrored by countless other drive-ins and indoor theatres across the country. The former operators were in full compliance with all rules of the Kickstarter program as well as with all State laws which will be proven as we defend ourselves from these false allegations.

The State of VT filed this complaint against us knowing the information in the complaint to be erroneous, unsubstantiated by any evidence, and in many cases outright false statements. We look forward to responding to these unfounded allegations and clearing our good name.

Additionally, the new operators at the drive-in have taken it upon themselves since day one to slander us in an attempt to garner pity and drive up traffic to their website and social media accounts. We left the drive-in against our wishes in far better condition than we found it and in compliance with the terms of our lease. We even went so far as to offer to help them re-open the drive-in in whatever capacity we could (we have this in writing). We also have nothing to do with their poor decision to rename the drive-in. Despite the threat of legal action, they keep using their website and Facebook as a forum for slandering us instead of using it to simply run their business.

In closing, we want to thank the many backers who know the facts of the situation and continue to support us despite the efforts of a few individuals to tarnish our reputation.

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